Insulation Products

Jet Pod® – The Original

This is an airtight insulation jacket with an integrated chilling system. The Jet Pod is designed as a reusable Pod, which protects fresh products from extreme temperature exposure while protecting the environment.

Jet Pod® – The Original insulation product
Jet Pod®: This is a specially designed heavy insulation jacket that is generally used to cover perishables being shipped on pallets. As with all Thermo Defense® products, the Jet Pod recognizes the movement of “chill” and its avenues for escape throughout the shipping process. This recognition affords the Jet Pod with an ability to maintain remarkably low internal temperatures during shipment.
Jet Pod® Export

Based on the same design and utilizing the technology of our original Jet Pod®, our Jet Pod® Export is typically used for one-time / export shipments.

Jet Pod® Export: The combination of materials, panel configurations, and icing technology allows for maintaining temperature control of perishables shipped on pallets. This product offers high thermal protection from ambient temperatures. The Jet Pod Export is light in weight and cost effective, while providing an integrated chilling system similar to the Jet Pod® and the PAK® Kontainer.

Eco Pro Pod
Eco Pro Pod insulation product
Single-Pallet Eco Pro Chiller
Single-Pallet Eco Pro Chiller insulation product
Thermo Defense®

Jet Pro holds the exclusive rights for a cold chain preservation system known as Thermo Defense®.The system insulates perishables for both domestic and international travel. The system combines materials along with icing technology to maintain the coldness necessary for perishables being shipped to even the warmest climates. Jet Pro is extremely serious about temperature during all aspects of a shipment. That is, from perishable delivery to Jet Pro; storage prior to flight; perishables awaiting flight; perishables during flight; perishables upon arrival; and, finally, perishable storage while awaiting pick-up at its shipped destination. Without a doubt, the significance of temperature and its complexity are the compelling factors behind the development of Thermo Defense®, which has taken the issue to scientific levels.

For example, the Thermo Defense® “Jet Pod®” when used as a pallet cover can maintain internal temperatures in the 30′s for a 12 hour shipping period. Jet Pro is convinced other freight forwarders will be hard-pressed to match this service for temperature protection and cost efficiency. Unlike the bubble material that Keith introduced in the 1980′s, the products (e.g., PAK Kontainer® or Jet Pod® Export) related to Thermo Defense® and available only through Jet Pro, place Jet Pro at the top in the “perishable” freight forwarding industry.

The Thermo Defense® system, in sum, utilizes high performance insulation materials along with icing technology to maintain the coldness necessary for perishables being shipped by ground, air or sea to even the warmest climates. With the Thermo Defense® system, the perishables are properly packed and stored for transit with temperatures being preserved to prevent heat damage and chill injury to the perishables. The products related to Thermo Defense® represent the only true food safe shipping containers for the air cargo industry. The insulated products are exclusive to Jet Pro’s customers.

All Thermo Defense® products are designed to provide cold chain integrity and can be custom manufactured to be used with a variety of pallet sizes, shipping containers or other shipping requirements. Please contact Jet Pro’s San Francisco offices for information on purchasing the products.