Cold Chain

The Cold Chain

The Cold Chain utilizes our patented products (Patent No.: US 8,292,119 B2) along with our exclusive technology and protocols that insure that your goods are kept COLD, FRESH and SAFE from the moment they leave you, to when they are delivered. In a nutshell, the product’s chill is maintained from the packing house to receiver’s dock.

The term “Cold Chain” at Jet Pro carries great weight, for it is the focal point of all offered services that are unmatched by competition. Decades ago, Founder Keith Kenneally applied basic common sense to the air shipment of perishable goods. He knew that keeping the product chilled before drop-off with the airlines was simple. While awaiting flight, Jet Pro stores product for shipping in huge, temperature controlled coolers at its warehouses. Keith also knew the longer the chill is maintained during shipment, the fresher the goods will be upon delivery.

Unfortunately, maintaining chill has always been a habitual problem that has plagued all freight-forwarders of perishable goods. Without chill, ambient temperatures permeate the perishable goods and at that point, the damage is done.

Heat can attack in countless ways during air shipments (e.g., weather, flight delays, changing cargo bay temps, unloading delays, airport tarmac waiting, and the like) with the same result of spoiled or damaged goods upon delivery. Indeed, airline claims and disputes may assist in recovering the monetary loss, but Jet Pro’s goal is to get the goods to the market fresh and without controversy.

To achieve this goal, Jet Pro has dedicated years of time, energy, and money to combat heat-damage by maintaining chill during the air shipment of perishable goods. These efforts have included research, experiments, and consultations with engineers, professors, scientists, manufacturers, insulation experts (in the United States and elsewhere), and more.

Seven Simple Steps
  1. Point of Origin: At the point of origin or shipping point, the customer/vendor will consolidate and prepare the product for pick up or drop off per Jet Pro, Inc.
  2. Cold Truck Pickup: A refrigerated truck will pick up the shipment while maintaining the temperature at 34°.
  3. Receiving & Preparation: The shipment is unloaded into our chill warehouse (34°) where it is then prepped with Jet Pro’s patented insulation and cooling technology to ensure the product’s temperature is preserved while in transit.
  4. Shipment: The shipment is flown to any destination on the globe while remaining cold, secure, and fresh, thanks to Jet Pro’s patented technology.
  5. Retrieval at airport: The shipment is received at the destination airport and is brought back to a chill warehouse where it will be broken down for delivery.
  6. Chill Truck Delivery: Shipment is loaded into a refrigerated truck and is taken to its final destination.
  7. Final Delivery: Jet Pro unloads the shipment directly from our chill truck to the recipient’s cold storage area. The Cold Chain is complete.