Food Safety

Exclusive Insulation

Food Safety is Jet Pro’s supreme standard. It knows the transportation and handling of perishable foods require the utmost care to prevent possible contamination, adulteration, and deterioration of product quality, each of which could have a detrimental effect on its customers’ reputations in the marketplace and expose customers to potential product liability.

In this light, Jet Pro follows Food Safety protocols (including Federal Mandates) for warehousing, handling, and distributing perishable goods. Further, Jet Pro holds the exclusive rights to Insulation Products that represent components of its cold chain preservation system, known as Thermo Defense®. This unique and impressive system incorporates materials plus icing technology to maintain the necessary chill for perishable foods being shipped by ground and air to even the warmest climates. With the Thermo Defense® system, these perishables are properly packed and stored for transit while maintaining product temperature requirements, inhibiting heat damage and chill injury. The products related to Thermo Defense® represent the only true food safe insulation system within the Air Cargo Industry. The Insulation Products are exclusive to Jet Pro’s customers.

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